Set Up CVE List Ingestion


    The process to load the CVE Corpus into our CVE SQL DB consists of the following steps:
  1. - Copy the CVE corpus into our Development Environment.
  2. - From the Merysol Advisor App in the Admin area, run the "ingest_cve" function.
  3. - This should be done from the Dev Environment as the DB updated is the production CVE DB.
  4. - This screen allows you to select the start year and the end year parameters for loading CVEs.
  5. - The CVE API keeps the CVE DB Updated as changes happen in the CVE Corpus.
  6. - If required, this process can be rerun. However, the CVE DB must be erased first,
  7. - The Production App should be disallowed from searching the CVE DB during this time

Select Ingestion Parameters

The CVE Ingestion process populates a set of SQL Tables in the Merysol Advisor App.
This is primarily a batch process as it takes a few hours to complete as there are approx 250,000 CVEs.
The total amount of Disk space used is approx. 250 MB